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Seller Levels and Badges

Seller Levels: Seller Levels are designed to control access to exclusive features and offer faster payouts to trusted sellers who are serious about making money by offering quality services on FiverrWorld.Com

We are committed to support those who make FiverrWorld.Com great so we have developed an automated system that dynamically and individually ranks sellers based on two parameters: Delivery Time & Customer Rating. If you deliver your Gigs on time and if your customer ratings are above 90% positive you will be able to make more money and your Gigs will be promoted by us for you! Depending on your Gig Level you have available different Gig price options, instant payout and free social marketing & link building benefits.

You are in control: Deliver quality Gigs on time, get great customer ratings and hold the key to success on FiverrWorld.Com !

FiverrWorld.Com admins have the power to manually change Gig Levels for example in response to complaints and payment related issues.

Gig Level 1Seller Level 1: All new accounts start at Level 1. You must complete your first 5 Gigs priced on time before you can advance to the next level. You can offer 1 extra service to get more money !


Gig Level 2Seller Level 2: Once you have successfully completed your first 5  Gigs on time,  your account will gets upgraded to Level 2. You can offer 2 extra services to get more money !
Gig Level 3Seller Level 3: Once you have successfully completed 20 Gigs on time, you will be upgraded to Level 3. Level 3 is the account for most trusted FiverrWorld.Com sellers . You can offer 3 extra services to get more money !


Seller Badges : Seller Badges are our special way to give thanks for our sellers who also take a part developing this site. Seller badges are a gift from Admin for selected sellers who have high consumer ratings and already joined as our member for min 1 month.

Gig Level 3Verified Level 1 : You’ve been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining min. 80%  positive consumer ratings and a great track record. You’ll automatically be promoted to Verified Level 1.


Gig Level 3Verified Level 2 : Manually chosen by our Admin. You have been active as a seller for 90 days and received min. 90% positive consumer ratings. Promotion is based on the following criteria:  Seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care, and community leadership. As a Verified Level 2, you’ll gain access to more extensive sales tools, early access to beta features, and receive World Class support.